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Please contact us at (972)292-7158 ext 2 or come visit us at 6211 West Northwest Highway Suite C255 Dallas Texas 75225. We are located in the Preston Towers Building – the tallest building in central Dallas on Northwest Highway, just East of Preston Road.

GOH Medical Founder Scott Conard, MD

Dr. Scott Conard

Dr. Scott Conard

Active in the healthcare industry for more than 25 years, Dr. Scott Conard is described by his peers as a visionary who isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty to make things happen, a pioneer in health and well-being. The founder of TienaHealth Medical Clinic and Research Institute, Sleep Healers Sleep Labs, Physicians Choice Supplements, The Game of Health Corporate Wellness Program, and the author of four books; The Seven Numbers, The Seven Healers, TED and Diabetes, and The Prayer of Jabez and Weight Loss, his catalyzing statement “to add years to your life and life to your years by empowering you to take control of your health” continues to inspire him to practice medicine and to create effective systems of care to inspire and support empowered people to receive great care. For more on Dr Conard visit Learn more about Scott Conard, MD

Presently, Dr. Conard is the leader of GOH Medical and the Chief Medical Officer of Compass Care Engineering for Compass Professional Health Services, the leading national employee advocacy, transparency and population health management company. Learn more about Compass


GOH Medical Provider Sue Thomas, RN, MSN, FNP-BC

Sue Harris, FNP-BC

Sue Thomas, FNP-BC

Sue has been in practice for 13 years in the Dallas metro area, and has built a reputation for her excellent diagnostic skills and thorough care. She has an innate ability to be caring and compassionate and is able to develop strong bonds with patients of all ages.

Sue is accomplished in the woman’s health, hormone management, diet and exercise, and overcoming fatigue. Cross-trained in aesthetics and is able to provide exceptional skin care through injectable treatments, such as Botox/Juvederm. She serves as a clinical instructor at Baylor’s Nurse Practitioner Program and the National Laser Center in Dallas, Texas. She is known for her gentle touch, critical eye and superior patient outcomes.

Sue Thomas RN, MSN, FNP-BC has been impacting the lives of others in healthcare since 1994. Sue earned her Bachelor’s degree in nursing from Mt. Mercy University in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and earned her Masters of Science degree in nursing from Baylor University in Dallas, Texas, specializing in family medicine.

Sue is an avid marathoner and triathlete. She has been happily married for over 18 years, and she and her husband have three lovely daughters.

Aesthetitian Asha Murdia

Ms Asha Murdia

Ms Asha Murdia

From an early age, Asha held an affinity for the arts, particularly the visual aesthetic. It was during her college education she found her passion for makeup artistry and skin care while managing several salons and day spas.
After earning a Bachelor of Fine Art in Interior Design from University of North Texas, Asha became an accomplished interior designer. She worked internationally and even received a publication in Hospitality Design magazine for her efforts at The Venetian in Macau, China.

Drawing from her passion for design and visual aesthetics, Asha decided on a bold career move that would change her life. She decided to follow her passion and attended the Aveda Institute to become a licesed esthetician. She also went on to earn her laser technician certification at the National Laser Institute, and is an Xtreme lash extensionist. Always in pursuit of the most current technology, treatments, and modalities, Asha is dedicated to continuing education in all fields of study.

With over 15 years in the beauty industry, Asha believes in custom, personalized care. She approaches skin as a canvas, creating a unique and natural design aesthetic for all skin types and conditions. From hair removal, skin resurfacing and rejuvenation, to makeup artistry and lash extensions, Asha seeks to create balance and symmetry in her treatment results.

She believes every individual has inner beauty to highlight, nurture, and embrace.

Statement of Purpose

Adding years to your life and life to your years by catalyzing breakthroughs in your life.


We are the creators of the GOH Medical Community a community committed to having fun and enjoying the process of continually greater health and well-being. We offer support in the exploration of new possibilities and life satisfaction for every person, often in areas they may not yet see for themselves. Through servant leadership, we promote breakthroughs that touch, move and inspire others to create effortless (intuitive) well-being that adds years to their life and life to their years.


We bring entertaining, engaging, convenient, effective solutions creating life-enhancing breakthroughs in well-being, wealth and productivity for individuals, corporations and healthcare providers while being of service in our community and conscious of our environment.

Governing Values

We the employees of GOH Medical do solemnly swear to honor and live in a manner consistent with our governing values.  We believe in and hold these truths to be self-evident:

–     Every person matters.

–     All people desire a fulfilling, meaningful, and rewarding life regardless of the circumstances or challenges.

–     Physical pain, disorders and illnesses occur when our physical, emotional, spiritual, social, and financial fitness, are challenged and overcome. 

–     Healing occurs as absolute truths are discovered through action.

–     Each person must take the responsibility, energy and effort to learn the lessons life will teach, to develop the necessary skills and to honor these truths in action

–     Each of us knows only a sliver of the truth, and thus we acknowledge the importance of lifelong open-mindedness and learning.

–       We depend upon, and are responsible for each other and for future generations.

–     Every patient, employee, vendor, shareholder and living creation (including the earth) will be considered a stakeholder in our business.

–     We are conscious capitalists and believe that profits are healthy and necessary.  We believe that a free enterprise system lead by conscious leaders in a conscious culture honoring each stakeholder in the pursuit of our higher purpose will lead to abundance in our lives.

–     In our products, practices, and profits, we commit to doing no harm and benefiting all.

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