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Books that Promote Healthier Living and Weight Loss

Books that Promote Healthier Living and Weight Loss

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Dr. Scott Conard?s quest is to help people live healthier and happier lives, often through the avenue of weight loss. We have gathered information for this article following the Books link of his elaborated web site, which introduces the game of health program.

Following this link, you will find a list of numerous books promoting a healthier lifestyle, from a wide array of perspectives. Some books promote ways to discover motivation, insight, and instruction for living a healthier life and for losing weight. Other books focus on stand alone diet plans, weight-loss plans or supplemental plans.

From hundreds of books cited on this website, we have decided to focus on a representative core group of 18 books. For each book that promotes healthier and happier living, Dr. Conard provides concise information: the name of the book and a brief description, followed by a users? rating score based on readers? reviews. It is assumed that the higher these scores are, the more likely are people visiting Dr. Conard?s web site to read the book in question.

From the 18 books that promote healthier living in our core sample, ten of them were given the highest users? rating score possible, 100%. Because any book must receive an established number of reviews before any score is given, this means that everyone who read each of these books gave it a perfect score.

The ten books that promote healthier living and losing weight, which were given a 100% users? rating are:

1) 10 Lessons from a Former Fat Girl by Amy Parham?her weight loss journey from Biggest Loser chronicles;

2) 100 Mile Diet?Can you live on food that was raised within 100 miles of your home?

3) 1001 Low-Carb Recipes?Stay true to the low-carb lifestyle with this low-carb cookbook;

4) 101 Foods That Could Save Your Life?Eating these foods can truly make a difference in your overall health;

5) 101 Things to Do Before You Diet?Because looking great isn?t just about losing weight;

6) 21 Days To Transform Your Life, by Montel Williams?the author shares his approach for healthy diet and exercise;

7) 3-Day Solution Plan?Is this solution just too restrictive?

8) 30 Day Jump Start?a book that promotes health by giving, ?Weight loss advice from the same experts who help the Biggest Loser contestants?;

9) 6 Weeks to Super Health?Nutritional advice from Patrick Holford;

10) 8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back?Glidewalking to tone your tush and eliminate chronic back pain.

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