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Calorie-counting Diets in the Game of Health Program

Calorie-counting Diets in the Game of Health Program

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Dr. Scott Conard, a health and nutrition specialist and a published author, created the game of health program. This can be viewed on a web site he created in an effort to best communicate the ways to improve the health of those enrolling in the game of health program, especially those who are overweight.

A paraphrase of Dr. Conard?s message might say the game of health is no longer a game in the U.S. This is because the rate of obesity among the population is approaching 67%, according to the experts at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

To better illustrate the epidemic proportions of this appalling game of health figure, CDC says obesity figures have doubled since 1990. Moreover, obesity is becoming such a rising health problem that numerous medical experts predict that many of today?s children will experience shorter life spans than those of their parents.

From the complex game of health Dr. Conard bravely tackles on his web site, this article can only focus on a niche: diets where participants choose to count calories they consume.

We?ve considered the first ten calorie-counting diet programs Dr. Conard itemizes on his Game of Health web site. Generally, the information shared by these calorie-counting diet programs include the title of the product and a brief description of what a particular diet does. Also, a users? rating is given, based on a qualifying number of reviews for that product in the game of health program.

The only exception, presumably from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) which frequently rates products of a similar nature, is a product called the Breatharian Diet. According to FDA, the Breatharian Diet is ?a dangerous diet that risks your health and life.?

There seems to be a marked difference about how some game of health calorie-counting programs stacked against others. For instance, there were four such programs that earned 100% ratings from users, while other approval ratings were as low as 33%.

Those with unblemished, 100% game of health approval ratings include:

  • the 400 Calorie Fix;

  • Biggest Loser;

  • The Workout;

  • 30-day Jumpstart;

  • Body of Glamour ? Glamour Magazine?s free weight loss and fitness program;

  • Boots Diets, an online tracking program for those living in the United Kingdom.

From that point on, approval ratings dipped rapidly. Among the two calorie-counting diets receiving 67% ratings is one called Airdiet which, literally, turns eating into a game of health. This fad diet, originating in France, says you will lose weight by pretending to eat, literally going through the motions of eating with no food entering your body. Also receiving a 67% approval rating was the Breastfeeding Diet for nursing mothers.

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