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Not without Challenges, Weight Loss the Jabez Way Produces Amazing Results

Not without Challenges, Weight Loss the Jabez Way Produces Amazing Results

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In 2009, Dr. Scott Conard, a nationally known expert on disease prevention, author, and sought public speaker, published Weight Loss the Jabez Way. In this book, the renowned physician from Texas touched base on a topic dear to his heart. Being board certified in the area of bariatric medicine (weight loss medicine), Dr. Conard regularly parallels the connection between weight loss and lives being enhanced in every regard.

The phrase ?the Jabez Way? comes from a brief passage of Biblical scripture where Jabez, a descendant of Judah, asks God to provide healing into his life (I Chronicles 4:10). Dr. Conard does not back away from his personal religious beliefs in Weight Loss the Jabez Way, stating in a descriptor of the book that ?God has a specific health plan just for you, for your age, your genetic code, your hormone level, your metabolic rate, your body shape, and your place in life?.

Dr. Conard has spent the past 15 years studying all about the latest western medicine, eastern medicine, mind-body medicine, herbal and vitamin therapy, acupuncture, manipulation, hormone therapy, and lifestyle medicine. He has created a detailed health-related web site, The Game of Health, which includes information about Weight Loss the Jabez Way.

Among many quotes about Weight Loss the Jabez Way you can find: ?Wave the white flag of surrender. Settle the issue of who is in charge. Then expect, look and long for miraculous things to take place in your life? or ?The wonderful thing about losing weight in a healthy, controlled way is that our lives truly are blessed indeed! We are not just blessed by a lower number on the scale or our clothes fitting better, but we see our lives made better in every area!?.

Book reviewers gave high marks to Weight Loss the Jabez Way. Lisa Carson, of Leading Edge Research, said:

Weight Loss the Jabez Way is not your typical self-help book, filled with cliches and run- of-the mill tips. It challenges you to want to change your life on a level that goes beyond outward appearances, by encouraging you to look deep within yourself?

Another reviewer, James Robinson, of Life Outreach International, applauds Dr. Conard for, in the pages of Weight Loss the Jabez Way, ?? providing a common sense solution to weight loss.?

A strong argument made by Dr. Conard is that individuals who are overweight or obese don?t have to stay that way. ?You can change!?, exclaims Dr. Conard. ?All you need is a willingness to be open-minded to the principles presented in Weight Loss the Jabez Way, not close-minded because of past experiences.?

As Dr. Conard is quick to acknowledge, Weight Loss the Jabez Way is not written as a book to provide all the answers. Instead, the book  was written to direct and connect readers to the Source of all answers: God.

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