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Diet Supplements and FDA warnings in the Game of Health

Diet Supplements and FDA warnings in the Game of Health

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Dr. Scott Conard, one of the experts of the Game of Health program, has an elaborate web site where aspects of the game of health are presented from different perspectives.

One of the many links of the site takes the reader to the area of diet supplements, an element of health care that has the potential to be a huge player in anyone?s approach to the game of health.

The information on the web site related to each product of the game of health is organized in a similar manner: product?s name, its use, users? reviews and its overall safety, as determined by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA).

Probably the most significant criteria in this brief game of health study has to do with how consistently the FDA warned against the safety of some products which received 85% to 100% percent approval ratings from their users.

Hundreds of products listed on Dr. Conard?s Game of Health web site are advertised as having the potential to generate weight loss: pills, herbs, teas, powders and more. We have studied the first ten products on that list, as a representative sample of the whole.

Four of these products in our control group did not have enough users? reviews to warrant a users? rating score, yet the FDA took it upon itself to voice a warning against one of these products.

Those four game of health products include:

  • the dietary vitamin pills called 12-in-One;

  • organic-vegan nutrition bars 22 Days Nutrition Bars;

  • a trio of supplements advertised in one product called 8zone;

  • the 5x Imelda Perfect Slimming.

This last product, which if popular in Japan, was refuted by the FDA, even without a reliable number of public reviews.

Another Japanese diet pill, 7 Day Herbal Slim, was given a 100% approval rating from users, but FDA discourages its use. Similarly, FDA discourages the use of the 999 Fitness Essence diet pill in even more stringent terms, offering a ?strong warning? against the product, despite its 100% approval rating by users.

Finally, the strongest FDA warning against any of the ten products in our game of health control group came in regards to the 24 Hour Diet pill. In spite of a 100% users? rating, the FDA said ?[it] includes tainted and dangerous ingredients.?

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