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Dr. Conard Shares Vast Inventory of Food and Diet Products

Dr. Conard Shares Vast Inventory of Food and Diet Products

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In one niche of Dr. Scott Conard?s Game of Health web site, entitled Food and Diet Products, the nationally recognized author, speaker and expert on disease prevention provides a brief, and yet comprehensive peek into the many food and diet products flooding the market today.

Dr. Conard?s intent is not to steer prospective users toward or away from any of these food and diet products. Instead, he shares a preview for each product and, when enough users? reviews are available to provide a representative sample of how the public likes or dislikes those products, a users? rating score is given.

Unlike many other links within Dr. Conard?s exhaustive, and yet easily to navigate web site, the Food and Diet Products section covers a wide array of products that can help the weight loss process. In Dr. Conard?s opinion, losing weight is essential for your health and happiness. The Food and Diet Products link includes diverse products such as snacks, video games, different types of exercise equipment, and even a coffee purported to burn fat and boost the metabolism of the consumer.

From hundreds of products listed on the Food and Diet Products section, we selected a representative sample of 18 to study for this article. We found that two of them, which qualified for the warranted number of submitted reviews, were given a 0% approval rating; meaning not one reviewer spoke highly of them. These included the BioTrainer, where the manufacturer tried to create a pedometer and calorie counter in one device, and the Body Slimming Toe Ring, an acupressure toe ring.

Half of the 18 products in our food and diet products test group ? including Boresha Skinny, the coffee product that burns fats and boosts one?s metabolism, and 30-Day Subliminal Weight Loss Program, where the idea is to lose weight through the application of subliminal suggestions ? were granted 100% users? rating scores.

Because acai berries have an extremely high content of antioxidants, two food and diet products containing acai berries were at the top of the 100% list. These food and diet products are the Acai Easy Drink Pack, where one can make their own USDA organic acai berry beverage, and Acai Roots.

Other food and diet products granted the 100% users? rating scores are:

  • BodySolution, where three creams are joined to combat cellulitis;

  • Burner Balm, a lip balm designed to boost metabolism and reduce a person?s weight;

  • Burt?s Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter, an all-natural cocoa butter designed to reduce the appearance of stretch marks;

  • Biggest Loser Meal Replacement Shakes;

  • Bars and BodyMedia FIT, a health tracking device.

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