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Dr. Scott Conard:  A Man with a Health Care Mission

Dr. Scott Conard: A Man with a Health Care Mission

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Some people walk the walk, while others talk the talk, and Dr. Scott Conard, a health care provider from the Dallas, Texas, area, is comfortable working in both roles. The man who has spent more than two decades actively involved in improving health care in America, is a highly sought public speaker, renowned specialist on disease prevention, and well-read author.

Not one to mince with words, Dr. Conard says “We are mortgaging our future with an impractical, frustratingly antiquated, and expensive health care system.”

In a short biographical piece on Dr. Conard’s extensive health care Game of Health web site, a core grain of this man’s innate values is put forth in these words: “The most important part of Dr. Conard’s job is helping people improve the quality of their life by discovering for themselves improved health.”

In another biographical sketch on Dr. Conard’s huge health care related web site, the doctor himself shares the words he would like inscribed on his epitaph “On my tombstone I pray it says ‘Scott Conard empowered people to live better lives, medical providers to have a greater healing footprint of ever higher care, and he left every person he met feeling empowered with a more fulfilling life’”.

A graduate of the University of South Florida Medical School before officially entering the health care field into private practice in 1989, one of Dr. Conard’s many post-graduate accolades came when he became board certified in bariatric medicine (weight loss medicine). His passion to help individuals live improved lives dovetails with bariatric medicine where he says that anyone who is overweight or obese doesn’t need to remain in that state.

Dr. Conard wrote the book Weight Loss the Jabez Way with the hope that people would improve their health care status by implementing basic steps in the book; in doing so, they would be amazed by how their life will improve. The significance of this approach to health care comes through a release from experts at the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention that an estimated two thirds of all Americans qualify as being obese.

Dr. Conard’s quest to discover best health care practices to help update the “frustratingly antiquated” U.S. health care system drove him to learn of health care practices employed around the world. Over the last 15 years, the renowned health care provider studied the most recent advancements in western medicine, eastern medicine, mind-body medicine, lifestyle medicine, hormone therapy, manipulation, acupuncture, and herbal and vitamin medicine.

Dr. Conard views primary care providers as the cornerstone to an improved health care system in America. Like a milking stool, Dr. Conard says three critical elements have to be addressed in an idealized health care situation between patients and providers: quality, revenue and quality of life.

One additional step stressed in Dr. Conard’s recommendations to improve the health care field in America is, contrary to much of the norm today, taking the medical practices to the patient instead of vice versa.

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