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Dr. Scott Conard:  A Man with a big heart and vision

Dr. Scott Conard: A Man with a big heart and vision

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When Dr. Scott Conard went into private practice in 1989, he could not have known that his future would take him to national prominence in the field of disease prevention, that he would become a well-read and respected author on health matters, or that his Game of Health website would develop into one of the most comprehensive health websites.

Dr. Conard has spent the past 15 years studying the latest western medicine research, eastern medicine, mind-body medicine, herbal and vitamin therapy, acupuncture, manipulation, hormone therapy, and lifestyle medicine. He presents all of his findings on his web site.

Within the many links on his web site, Dr. Conard spends much time discussing the field of weight loss medicine, arguing that many people, especially in America where obesity has reached epidemic proportions, can live happier and more joyful lives if they lose excess weight. Among Dr. Conard’s many achievements noted on the website, is the fact that he has become board certified in bariatric medicine, or weight loss medicine.

The elaborated game of health web site covers all angles of the health care field. For instance, Dr. Conard stresses the importance of being proactive in regards to health matters. The web site documents the fact that most common health issues facing Americans today – such as heart disease, cancer, prediabetes, and diabetes – regularly exist for five to 15 years before the adverse condition is recognized and treated, under the current medical practices.

Following one of the links on this web site, we find out about one of many proactive means to approach the avenue of health: natural supplements. Knowing that not any supplement can effectively be implemented to address the many health issues faced by the U.S. public, Dr. Conard and his coworkers have developed a full line of natural supplements. These are available at   The specific applications for each supplement might surprise you.

These natural supplements can be categorized into six groups:

1) General Health

2) Vitality Health

3) Heart Health

4) Bones & Joint Health

5) Fat Loss

6) Male/Female Health

Within the category of General Health, as you might expect, products include Omega 3, Multivitamins and Vitamin D3. As you navigate deeper into the contents of that web site, some new and interesting products might catch your attention. For instance, under the general heading of Vitality Health is an All-natural Sleep Maintenance Formula and a Seratonin Mood Formula. Under the heading of Heart Health, one discovers Vascular Compensation and Healthy CholEnhance w/niacin products. In the Bones & Joint category you will find Wobenzyme for joint support. In the Fat Loss Products category on the same website, you will find Metabetes Craving Relief and in the Male/Female Health category the Prostate Support is one of the listed products.

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