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Fitness Training – Lose Weight and Keep it off

Fitness Training – Lose Weight and Keep it off

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There are many ways to lose weight and keep it off using a combination of fitness training and diet; however, it?s the way of achieving and maintaining weight loss through fitness training that will be the focal point of this article.

Dr. Scott Conard, a well-known expert on disease prevention from Texas, has put in place an elaborate web site with links delving into myriad avenues of health issues. The link we follow here is fitness training and its importance in regards to implementing and sustaining weight loss.

On this web site there are many exercise and fitness training programs aimed to provide a lasting state of wellness. The listed fitness training programs were designed by trainers, fitness experts, and other health experts to help individuals lose weight.

For this article, we took a sample of 20 representative fitness training programs and quickly discovered some interesting information. Each fitness training program is briefly described and includes a users? rating score when enough reviews had been submitted to provide a representative sample.

An interesting statistic related to these 20 fitness training programs in our study group was that nine received an insufficient number of reviews to even warrant a users? rating, eight were awarded 100% users? rating scores, and only three received less than 100% scores.

The fitness training programs which received a 100% scores included:

1) 10 Minute Solution ? Fat Blasting Dance Mix, a series of high-energy, fat-blasting workouts for those short on time;

2) 10 Minute Solution ? Kickbox Bootcamp, an intense, fast-paced cardio workout for those short on time;

3) 10 Minute Solution: Blast Off Belly Fat, promising ?a six-pack in 10 minutes each day? fitness training;

4) 24 Hour Fitness, where Biggest Loser trains with the world?s largest gym chain;

5) 5-Factor Fitness, a series of hard workouts in short periods of time with Harvey Pasternak;

6) 90-Second Fitness Solution, a time-efficient workout that can be done at home;

7) Ab Rocket, an abdominal machine that promises quick stomach toning results;

8) AbCoaster, a way to workout your abs without doing a single crunch or fitness training sit-up.

The three fitness training programs granted users? ratings below 100% included the Ab Circle Pro, a treadmill designed specifically for abs (80%), the 5 Minute Office Workout (75%) of Bob Harper and MSN; and the Abs Diet (45%), a six weeks? fitness training program for abs by David Zinczenko.

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