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What Is HDL?

What Is HDL?

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Many people may question themselves what is HDL. They often know that it has to do with cholesterol, but are curious as to what it means exactly. HDL, or high density lipoprotein, is often referred to as good cholesterol. This is because its existence in the body is positive since HDL works effectively to remove the bad cholesterol, or LDL, from the body.


Finding out what is HDL is not very complicated if we consider the components of its name, high density lipoprotein. Cholesterol is made of lipoprotein molecules that have a high density, compared to other types of cholesterol in the body.


Those wondering what is HDL also want to understand why it is important for their bodies. This cholesterol is called good because of its actions in the human body. Essentially, it is the type of fat that our body needs to function properly and be healthy. Looking at the functions here will not only show you what is HDL, but also why it is critical to our bodies.


The lipoprotein components of HDL are always at work in the body, travelling through the bloodstream and, therefore, the heart. Low density lipoprotein (LDL) or bad cholesterol also plays a role in what is HDL. This is because the role of HDL is to remove LDL. High LDL levels in the body increase the risk of heart disease.


As you consider what is HDL, you will discover many critical uses for it in the body. HDL strengthens the inner walls of the body?s blood vessels and this has important implications in preventing strokes and heart attacks.


There is a lot of information available about what is HDL. This can be of interest to people who are at risk of heart diseases due to their high cholesterol levels and to those who want to maintain their health. It is important for everybody to understand which lifestyle choices may affect cholesterol levels, that is why you need to know more than what is HDL, for example how to live healthy and to make wise decisions for your body. The more you learn about the topic and what is HDL, the better you can protect yourself from undesired health risks.

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