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Lifestyle-Based Changes Lead to Effective, Long-lasting Weight Loss

Lifestyle-Based Changes Lead to Effective, Long-lasting Weight Loss

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Once again, we look at the elaborate web site authored by the national disease prevention expert, Dr. Scott Conard. The web site presents in detail many ways for people to lose weight and live healthier and happier lives.

This article will focus on lifestyle-based diets that have been known to turn dieters away from the unwelcome cycle of losing and regaining weight. Each of these dietary programs focuses on the theory of generating permanent weight-loss changes by the application of lifestyle-based diets. The ways of implementing these lifestyle-based changes alter dramatically from one weight loss program to the next.

For this article we have selected a control group of 17 lifestyle-based dietary programs from the lifestyle link on Dr. Conard?s web site. Each program includes a short description of the program and a users? rating score based on how much or how little users enjoyed working with the program.

Noteworthy is that more than half of the 17 lifestyle-based programs of the selected study group received 100% users? rating scores. This fact suggests that the concept of teaching people how to live healthier lives is on the rise. Many say that conscious lifestyle-based changes need to be taught to allow future generations to live healthier, more productive and happier lives.

The nine lifestyle-based programs that were awarded users? ratings of 100% were:

  • 1st  Personal Diet, a customized diet based on the dieter?s blood type;

  • 21 Great Ways to Live to be 100, an audio program designed to extend life and health;

  • 5 Factor Diet, Harvey?s Pasternak?s diet that?s revolutionizing the shape of Hollywood;

  • Audrina Patridge Diet, the diet and fitness regime of Hills? star;

  • Ayurveda, an ancient, holistic Indian lifestyle-based program;

  • BabyFit, a fertile resource for moms-to-be;

  • Bikini Bootcamp, a lifestyle-based diet plan focused on looking good;

  • Bill Phillips for Life Diet;

  • Bill Phillips Transformation Challenge, a complete online health and fitness challenge.

The other four lifestyle-based products that were reviewed by users well above the average included:

  • Balance Diet, 90%, professional online support to manage weight loss;

  • Atkins Diet, 88%, the classic low-carbohydrates diet;

  • Atkins Advantage, 86%, a modern makeover to the original low-carbohydrates diet;

  • The Biggest Loser Club, 84%, where participants are taught to implement a lifestyle-based online program in their homes.

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