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Maintaining a Healthy Weight with Meal-Based Diets

Maintaining a Healthy Weight with Meal-Based Diets

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Thanks to a web site put in place by Dr. Scott Conard – a national expert on disease prevention, author, and sought public speaker, based in Texas – web browsers now have the opportunity to understand Dr. Conard’s game of health program.

The information on the website is aimed at helping individuals live healthier and happier lives by achieving and maintaining an optimal weight. In contrast with other aspects of losing weight, such as through exercise and/or lifestyle changes, the meal-based diets concept focuses on the foods that one needs to eat or to avoid eating when attempting to lose weight.

As with several other sections of Dr. Conard’s web site, the doctor provides no personal input about which meal-based diets he might recommend, but instead he provides cursory information covering a wide array of meal-based diets.

On the meal-based diets link of the Game of Health web site, Conard presents those interested in the topic numerous meal-based diets products. For every product there is a short description and – for the diets which received enough public reviews – a users’ rating score is given. This is related to how well consumers did or did not like the meal-based diets in question.

From hundreds of meal-based diets presented, we took a representative sample of 18 meal-based diets for this article. Six of them were given 100% users’ rating scores, other six did not have enough reviews to receive a score, and the last six were granted users’ rating scores below the 100% mark.

The six meal based diets receiving a 100% users’ rating scores were:

  • the 21 Day Weight Loss Kickstart program, described as “a plant-based diet…that promises to get you healthy fast”

  • the 21-Day Vegan Kickstart, described as a “plan to test the vegan lifestyle”

  • the Anne Collins program designed by a nutritionist who has more than two decades of experience in the field

  • Asian Slim Secrets, where one is given the opportunity to tap into slimming secrets from the Asian culture

  • the atypical Banana Diet, that has gained popularity in Japan. One of many supportive arguments for this fad diet is that bananas include an enzyme that assists in the digestive process, thus speeding up the intestine’s work in that element of health care

  • Bread for Life, a meal-based diet that challenges the concept that too many carbohydrates are harmful

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