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Natural Supplements – Part of Dr. Scott Conard’s Arsenal

Natural Supplements – Part of Dr. Scott Conard’s Arsenal

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Dr. Scott Conard, the nationally recognized expert on disease prevention and author who practices medicine in Dallas, Texas, has stuck yet another feather in his cap because of his close involvement with Physicians Natural Choice, a company that produces natural supplements to improve people’s lives.

Initially, Dr. Conard and his associate, Dr. Ken Adams, launched the company to provide an avenue for health care providers to access pure, natural supplements without fear of unhealthy ingredients. Now, many products from a long line of natural supplements can be accessed directly by the public without the need of a physician’s prescription.

Prices may vary markedly from one brand of natural supplements to the next, but anyone who purchases products from Physicians Natural Choice can be assured that only natural ingredients are included in the manufacture of each supplement.

One thing that sets Physicians Natural Choice apart from potential competitors is how extensively Dr. Conard and Dr. Adams have stocked their web site with detailed information for all natural supplements they sell. The web site explains all aspects of the many natural supplements sold there, ranging from Vascular Compensation, for the heart; Insulin Resistance Craving Relief, for fat loss; and Iron Absorption Formula, for both men and women.

For this article, we have randomly selected two natural supplements products to explore the depth of research Dr. Conard and Dr. Adams went to in order to educate potential users of these products. The products we choose are Sleep Maintenance Formula and Brain Neurotransmitter and Memory Boost.

Sleep Maintenance Formula ($12 per bottle) is the natural supplements product most easily described because it is mainly comprised of one ingredient – melatonin. Melatonin is a natural hormone that is synthesized from the amino acid tryptophan by the pineal gland, located in the back of the neck. This hormone has a critical role in regulating sleep/wake cycles, supporting normal immune functions, and protecting cells from free radicals.

According to the Physicians Natural Choice web site, the Sleep Maintenance Formula is important because “In the brain, melatonin is perhaps the most important physiological antioxidant”. This natural supplements product should be taken once, daily, at bedtime. There are health warnings for pregnant or nursing women.

The Brain Neurotransmitter and Memory Boost ($71 per bottle) has 11 different ingredients, including ginkgo biloba. Each ingredient stimulates different sections of the human brain to perform at a higher level. The descriptions of each nutrient is so technical that probably only a physician or pharmaceutical engineer would enjoy.

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