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Realize the Risks of Heart Disease

Realize the Risks of Heart Disease

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One of the reasons why people are surprised when they are diagnosed with heart disease is that they were not prepared. Being prepared simply means understanding what are the risks of this disease. The Act Now Program deals with this problem and helps people to actively combat issues related to heart disease.

Many people suffering from heart disease are unaware of how their family history affects their status. Along heredity is an issue, these people should know that their choices also play a role. The Act Now Program looks at some of the most practical things that can alert people of their conditions and helps them avoid heart disease altogether.

The Act Now Program focuses on seven preventive issues related to heart disease. They are not only related to the state of the heart, but also to lifestyle choices. Therefore, they can be considered instruments for assisting people who are susceptible to the disease. Let?s take a closer look at these seven issues.

1 – Do you train regularly?

Your fitness level will impact the status of your heart. Getting regular exercise is the best way to remain fit; most studies encourage people to work out up to three times per week. Knowing your body mass index is a good way to understand your need for fitness and training, so it is a good tool for avoiding heart disease.

2 – Notice roundness

If you do not practice fitness or training of your body, it is likely that you will see more roundness around your waist. However, the lack of fitness is not the only culprit here; it is equally important that you make wise dietary choices. Otherwise, these will be issues that can easily lead to heart disease.

3 ? The importance of oils

The type of oils that you consume will play a role in whether or not you develop heart disease. Knowing the status of your HDL, LDL and triglycerides is essential to fight heart disease. Oils can be found not only in fried foods, but in many other foods as well. Avoiding or significantly limiting these foods may help you avoid heart disease.

4 – Negative influence of sugar

Sugar can influence the development of heart disease. The way that your body processes sugar is critical. This is important when you are considering not only heart disease, but also diabetes. Having your physician check the glucose levels in your blood or perform a c-peptide test can help you fight heart disease.

5 – Blood pressure

If your blood pressure is good, it demonstrates that your heart isn?t working too hard. However, having high blood pressure implies the opposite. Regularly checking your blood pressure is wise, especially if you are at risk for this disease.

6 – Avoid bad habits

Bad habits, such as stress, smoking and poor food choices can be related to heart disease. The Act Now Program considers these and even looks at the connection between sleep and heart disease. Getting at least 54 hours of sleep per week is healthy.

7 – Don?t ignore plaque

If there are plaque issues in your body, it can lead to heart disease. Tests like the HSCRP can show if plaque is a problem in your body.

The Act Now Program can help you address the issues related heart disease, regardless whether this condition is hereditary or not. You can put together a plan through the information of this program. The important thing to remember is that it is possible to avoid and to actively fight heart disease.

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