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The Four Most Important Rules of The Game Of Health

The Four Most Important Rules of The Game Of Health

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Some people call it the game of life, others call it the game of death, since that is how it will all turn out anyway; however, since the entire point of the game is not its outcome, but the quality and length of life, perhaps it it best called the game of health. This makes even more sense when we consider that the goal of this game is to live a long and healthy life. While there are numerous paths in the game of health that you will travel during its course, there are four rules of this game that you need to be very careful about: the food we eat, exercise, stress management and sleep.


Eat the Right Food

A strong body is an important part of the game of health. It is essential to eat a wide variety of the right food. If you were going to drive across the country, you would not put inferior gas in your car and expect to reach the destination; you would fill it with the best fuel that you could find. In the game of health, if you feed your body the healthiest food, it will perform at its best and reward you with a good chance to win the game of health.



In the game of health, a strong body needs more than good food; it needs exercise. Exercise can be hard sometimes; but remember that exercise creates energy. When you feel tired and lazy and just do not want to do anything, get up and exercise and I promise that you will feel better in no time at all.


Manage Stress

In the game of health, unhealthy stress is the enemy of a long and happy life. Everyone who is playing the game of health correctly knows that when they feel stressed, it is time to exercise or meditate or both. This is because in the game of health players do not have time to waste stressing over things that cannot be controlled. If you make a plan for stress, stress will make other plans and leave you alone.


Get Enough Rest

If you want to play a strong game of health, you will need plenty of rest. It helps regulate the diet and gives you energy to get through the day because it is vital to the body’s digestive system. Eat right, exercise, manage stress, and above all, get plenty of rest and you can win the game of health by living a long, healthy life.

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