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Updated Health News on Dr. Conard?s Web Site

Updated Health News on Dr. Conard?s Web Site

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Dr. Scott Conard, a prominent author, public speaker, and national expert on the topic of disease prevention, sports an impressive game of health web site that covers updated health news, especially in regards to happiness and wellness that can be realized through weight loss. Although Conard?s practice is based in Texas, the information available on his web site is relevant for the entire U.S.

For example, only recently did the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announce a crackdown on highway billboards in the state of California that actively promote LAP-Band surgeries. FDA claims the clinics that endorse and capitalize on that medical procedure, lead by the marketing firm 1-800-GET-THIN LLC, are not adequately warning potential clients about the dangers involved in the procedure.

The LAP-Band surgery is a minimally invasive laparoscopical surgical procedure that is used to implant an adjustable gastric silicone ring filled with saline. Like a wristwatch, the band, normally inserted into stomachs of obese individuals, attaches itself to the upper portion of the stomach and creates a new sack where only a small amount of food can be stored. Those having the LAP-Band procedure will eat less and become full more quickly.

The proponents of this procedure contend that those who have undergone this procedure can expect to lose one pound each week for the first year, or 52 pounds in that year, and lose 18% of their starting body weight after that year has ended.

In addition, the piece of health news involving this procedure says that the surgeon always has the potential to add more saline and further tighten the band to promote additional weight loss or remove saline from the gastric ring if the band is too tight.

According to the information presented in the Health News section on Dr. Conard?s web site, LAP-Band surgery is moving into new arenas where even long-time proponents of this minimally invasive surgical procedure must be developing a sense of alarm about the recently disclosed health news.

From the updated health news reports published on the same web site we find out that, among medical facilities associated with the 1-800-GET-THIN LLC push to promote LAP-Band surgery on its two-year billboard campaign in California, four patients have died after receiving this ?minimally invasive? LAP-Band surgery and a fifth remains in critical condition.

Another piece of health news chides 1-800-GET-THIN LLC for ??promoting the LAP-Band, a weight loss device that has been implanted in thousands of patients through false or misleading information?

Dr. Steve Silverman, director of the Office of Compliance in the FDA?s Center for Devices and Radiological Health, affirms in a health news statement: ?It?s particularly troublesome when advertisements don?t communicate the serious risks associated with medical devices.?

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