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What Is HDL?The Superhero Of The Cholesterol Family

What Is HDL?The Superhero Of The Cholesterol Family

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Look up in the sky; it is a bird; it is a plane; it is HDL! What is HDL? This question has several answers worth repeating because HDL saves our lives. Next to the white blood cells, the mightiest warriors of the body, HDL is the body’s superhero.


What is HDL


HDL is created in the liver from the finest stuff, making it impervious to its only natural enemy, evil LDL cholesterol. So powerful is HDL that it is essential for the life of all mammals, answering the question of what is HDL. In fact, HDL has many similarities with a superhero.


The Right Question


What is HDL is a question that can be illustrated by saying that most superheroes have a nemesis or a force of evil, like Superman has Lex Luther, for example. If HDL is the superhereo, his evil, and just as powerful twin, would be LDL. While super HDL is created in the liver, many of its enemies, namely LDL, hitch a ride into your system on the back of a big juicy cheeseburger or other such evil monstrosity and attacks by invading your arteries and your heart. Is the answer to the question of what is HDL becoming clearer to you now?


You Know The Answer


When you hear the question what is HDL asked, you should imagine your good cholesterol engaged in a mighty battle with its enemy, LDL, which tries to block an artery so as to induce a stroke or heart attack. HDL can also be seen as a great humanitarian as well, taking care of the needy in your body the way you help people here in the real world. HDL jumps in and helps out when membranes need to be built to shelter those poor cells that cannot take care of themselves.


Checks And Balances


When someone asks you what is HDL, you will be able to say that along with super strength and endurance, the good cholesterol, or HDL, also possesses super smarts, forming complex hormones whenever and wherever they are needed in your body. So what is HDL? It is just another part of the human body’s system of checks and balances. It is the good cholesterol that keeps bad cholesterol from harming us.

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