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Happen TO Life?

Happen TO Life?
What are you doing this morning?  Did life happen to you or did you happen to life?  Reactive or Proactive?  Victim or Creator? I was laying in bed in a hotel room in San Diego for the American Diabetes Association National Meeting, perfectly warm, very groggy, and content when the idea ?I should go for a run? popped into my mind.  My ?little fat man? in my head ? the one...

Did you get the phone call?

Did you get the phone call?
Click here to listen to the message (if you have not heard it): Welcome Call.  Practice phone number: (972)292-2247.  Address 2706 Fairmount Street Dallas TX 75201. Alright so guess how many cups of coffee I had before I recorded the message many of you have received?   I had no idea that I was as wound up as I was but when I got the call (yes I was listed as a patient so...

A Tribute to Those Who Focused on Quality at Medical Edge Healthcare Group, PA

A Tribute to Those Who Focused on Quality at Medical Edge Healthcare Group, PA
Recently I left my position as Chief Medical and Strategy officer for Medical Edge, PA (now part of the Texas Health Physician Group).  It was stupendous.  My job description was to create a medically integrated group, to empower and support 510 doctors achieving every greater levels of clinical excellence.  Little did I realize when I began the amazing group with whom I...

Understanding Intuitive Well-Being?

Imagine a life that just flows with spontaneous energy and joy.  Leaving the ?should, would, could? world behind.  Existing as unrestrained creativity and energy; surrounded by people you enjoy, experiencing you occupational pursuits as an expression of your life?s meaning, navigating the challenges of life, recognizing that the process of overcoming them provides your...

A Message to My Patients

First of all I want to thank you all for the many calls, texts and emails I am getting; your concern is moving. In addition, I am sorry for the sudden departure and possible interruption in the continuity of your care.  If you are having issues or problems please feel free to email me at the address below and let me know how I can help. Let me address the main issue most of...
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