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What is your “fat boy or fat girl” saying to you?

What is your “fat boy or fat girl” saying to you?

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At the Game of Health Community Meeting last week I shared how my “little fat boy,” that voice in my head that says things to me like;
“It’s OK to eat that, you deserve it, you exercised today,”
“Being thin is over-rated, you can weigh a little more and eat what you want to,”
“191 pounds is good enough, no reason to keep working to get to 180,”
“you don’t look any better after losing all this weight, it has been hard, what a waste”
“you could get hit by a bus tomorrow and you would have given up all sorts of great things you would have enjoyed.”

From May to the present time I have lost 19 pounds.  As odd as it sounds the more I lose the more I hear from my little fat boy.  My determination seems to wane at time as I encounter success.

What does your “little fat boy (or girl)” say to you? Take a minute and write down all the should’ve, would’ve or could’ve things your little voice has been telling you!  Then let them go, release all the should’ve, could’ve, or would’ve’s that your little voice has been telling you.  Look at the flip side.  What if those things had happened? Maybe there are people you would not have met, places you would not have lived, children you wouldn’t have?  Stop…get rid of all of them, be grateful for where you are and start taking baby steps to move forward.

Most people that are overweight believe when you lose weight all is better right?  Well if that’s true why is it that in The Community we are dealing with a lot of issues around our success right now?  At the meeting last week one of our most successful participants had to leave.  During the class she felt overwhelmed by the thought that she had no right to weigh this amount, she didn’t know how to be the person she had become, and didn’t know what to do next.  Plus, now that she had lost all the weight her skin didn’t look like she wanted it too and she still had not found the right guy.

Another person who has lost over 100 pounds is having this affect her with thoughts about “you’re still not good enough.”  She has cured cholesterol, diabetes, blood pressure, looks 20 years younger, and her husband has responded in kind with weight loss and by becoming more fit and affectionate.  Yet she feels driven and like “something is still not right.”

What is going on?

Have you experienced this?  What is your story?   This week in class we are starting a discussion of the book “Little Voice Mastery” by Blair Singer.  If you would like to join the community and read this with us you can contact Cheryl at and give her your information.  You can join us on the web or on the phone.  Let us know.  We are building a community of people that are ready to have breakthroughs in all areas of their life….are you ready?  If so, join us!

Dr. Scott

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