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Numbers that will save your life

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Do you know the numbers to track and prevent TROUBLE in your life? This book will give you guidelines to learn about your health numbers, so that you can be in control of your health and take action steps to improve the chances of living a life without the major health concerns that could stop you from enjoying a full life. Dr. Scott Conard will share seven life giving principles to empower you as you take charge of your health. You will be more knowledgeable as you work with your health team to improve your numbers that will create the life that you want to live.
The Seven Numbers are: Training, Roundness, Oil, Unacceptable Sugar, Blood Pressure, Lousy Habits, Exploding Plaque. With the knowledge of The Seven Numbers, you can identify the areas for improvement and celebrate the areas where you are doing well.

Do you know your numbers???

Ignorance is bliss–until it kills us or debilitates us through blindness, amputation, kidney failure, a stroke or a heart attack. Often the process of overcoming our ignorance comes too late, when too much damage has already been done and there is no way to slow or reverse the process.

The timeless truth holds true; “People are destroyed for lack of knowledge–(Hosea 4:6) I have witnessed firsthand the destruction a lack of knowledge can bring. Irreversible conditions, including going to dialysis three times a week, needing a seeing eye dog, or living life paralyzed i n a wheelchair or a nursing home all as a result of when people are uninformed of the consequences of poor lifestyle choices or choose not to act on the knowledge they have.

You were created to live an abundant life – one that is healthy, vibrant, and full of purpose. By learning how to set and achieve your health goals, you can focus on the important things in life, such as enjoying relationships, developing your talents, having peace in your heart and sharing love and joy with others. From there, it is my desire that you will become an outspoken advocate, sharing what you learn with others so they too experience an abundant life.


Learn and Live the Seven Numbers that can save your life!

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