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The Seven Healers Book

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Do you want to live a healthy, fulfilling life? More than likely it’s your desire and your reason for picking up this book.  Being healthy is not just a measure of our physical condition.  It is also a measure and reflection of our beliefs, values, and habits that shape every area of our life. The Seven Healers are seven specific ingredients that every human being needs in order to survive and thrive in this life. The Seven Healers, in order of their necessity for survival are Air, Water, Sleep, Food, Play, Relationships, and Purpose. Without these elements, you cannot flourish and live a meaningful life.

You can only life a few minutes without air. You can only live a few days without water. After about a week with no sleep, you will go insane. You can only live a couple of months without food. Without play, which is movement and exercise, you will become sick, miserable, and depressed; within a few months to years, this too would result in death. Although you can live a lifetime without loving relationships, your existence will be shortened and absent of fulfillment.  Likewise, you can live a lifetime without purpose, but it will be a life that is incomplete and void of meaning.

This book is about finding the root cause of our problem, identifying why we are feeling the way we are feeling and making changes to live an extraordinary life! All of these healers are interrelated, and none can be neglected if you want to live a life that is healthy, joyful and fulfilling!


What others are saying about The Seven Healers

During the writing of the book, I have had the pleasure of reading it and making minor suggestions as to its presentation. It is written in a way that reads very comfortably and understandably for all who read it. It will surely contribute to the self-help and health care knowledge of those who take the time to study it. I feel very privileged to call its author one of my best friends-and proud to call him my son.

-Dr. Richard Conard

With this book, Dr. Scott Conard has provided clear, meaningful insight on the importance of using the seven healers for better love, better life and better health.

-Dr. Daniel Canchola, MD, TienaHealth

The seeming complexities of good health will vanish when one follows the simplicities of life

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