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Training Ideas

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Regular physical exercise has many benefits, such as helping you to lose or control your weight, as well as enhancing your overall cardiovascular health. Most people need a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise five days a week, reports the National Institutes of Health. If you’re stuck on what kind of exercise to do, you have several options depending on your goals and your existing health. Keep in mind that what’s best for someone varies by person, so talk to your doctor before starting up a new exercise routine.


Cardio works as one of the best ways to burn excess calories. Caloric reduction is essential for people who want to lose excess weight or maintain their existing weight. Keep in mind that you must reduce your overall caloric consumption by 3,500 calories to lose approximately a pound of weight, whether the reduction is through exercise, dieting or both. Some of the best calorie-burning cardio methods include rope jumping, running and high-impact aerobics. Even playing sports and having fun counts as cardio exercise. For example, a 160-lb. person who plays basketball for an hour will burn 584 calories, while the same person who rollerblades for 60 minutes burns a whopping 913 calories.


If you want to bulk up and get a rippling, muscular physique, weightlifting exercises are your best choice. For optimal muscle-building, you must lift weights two to three times a week. Whatever your specific weightlifting routine, use weights that are so heavy that you can’t perform more than two sets of 15 repetitions. Example exercises include dumbbell bench presses for your pectoral, or chest, muscles; bicep curls for your arms; and leg presses for your legs. Ideally, you should work a different muscle group every day so that each group has a chance to rest. For example, work your chest on one day and your abdominals on another day.

Indoor Training

If you’re trying to burn calories but live in a climate with less than favorable weather, you can enjoy high-intensity physical exercise within the comfort of an indoor gym or your own home. But not all indoor training machines rank equally in terms of their calorie-burning power. When it comes to using up your body’s excess calories, treadmills are No. 1, followed by elliptical and stair climbers.

Water Exercise

People with poor joint health, such as those suffering from arthritis, often can’t use the traditional methods of exercise because it puts too much strain on their joints and tendons. Thankfully, there are water workouts, which come recommended by “Arthritis Today,” the official magazine of the Arthritis Foundation. You can do many forms of exercise in the water, such as jogging and weightlifting. The water’s buoyancy adds natural resistance while also helping to reduce impact-related stress on your joints. In addition, many gyms and community centers have water exercise classes.

It really doesn’t take multiple hours at the sports club to become fit and get into better shape. Find a couple of things you enjoy doing that can be incorporated into a regular routine, and start doing them.

Remember some of the fun things you did as a kid:

  • Bike ride
  • Hula Hoop
  • Hop Scotch
  • Water Volleyball
  • Jump on the trampoline
  • Swim
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